Sunday, June 26, 2011

And Now... The stash

So.... I have officially become a true knitter.  I have a huge stash of yarn now!  Up until today I have had one box about 1ft by 1ft by 2ft full of yarn leftovers, not really any unused skeins or balls.  The only other yanr I had was/is dedicated to works in progress.  Recently I have bought several balls of yarn from Big Lots and my local yarn shop.  Yes I am a fan of cheap synthetics, so that is most of what I have.  Occasionally I splurge at the yarn shops, on Etsy, or Ravelry.  And today, Craigslist made my collection of yarns officially a stash.  I bought an entire storage tote box of skeins and balls of yarn, as well as needles, books, and circular looms.  Most of it is partially used skeins, but much of it is untouched!  And yes, most of it is the usual cheap synthetics, including novelty yarn.  And yes I know, all the yarn snobs are cringing right now.  Well, I don't care.  I cannot afford to be a yarn snob and all yarns have their place.  Most of it, is also mystery yarn.  There is only one ball in the whole box with the label, a lone ball of pastel variegated Patons Stretch Sock.  Much of this I consider to be my beginner knitter education yarn.  This is because..... I have a couple friends with kids who want to knit.  This way I can afford to give them yarn, and needles.  I paid $30 for the whole lot, and the great part about that is I am also selling an item to someone tomorrow for $32, so I am ahead by $2.  I love not actually spending any money.  I promise, pictures to come once I finish sorting!


  1. You have a whole storage bin of yarn and you're ahead two bucks?! Now that's economical!

  2. Yes, it is all thanks to the wonders of Craigslist!