Monday, August 22, 2011

Okay..... Break over.

My rabbit is now a happy member of my family, although he did not enjoy getting his first haircut.  There was lots of squirming and kicking involved.  I had lots of scratches.  I am still working on him being willing to lay on his side or back without freaking out.  He is getting much better.  He has a snobby attitude and is a bit bossy.  He has been deemed Admiral Twist.
 I also added some new things to my Etsy Shop!  There is a scarf and a shawl.  Both are handwoven.  New patterns coming soon.  I can't publish my most recent pattern because it is meant to look like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, and Dreamworks told me no.  Pretty sure I am allowed to offer it for free though.  If so, I'll put the link up on Ravelry.
I also started spinning the hair from the first bunny haircut!  Not sure what I'll make out if it yet.  I am blending it with wool.  The picture is the single of Angora and wool on the spindle, and a cop of plain wool on a needle.  The two are destined to be plied together as a two ply yarn.  I am thinking of doing the Wisp out of it, if I have enough, or maybe a scarf with a similar stitch pattern.
I just finished weaving some hand towels for my bathroom.  I had to seam them by hand, no sewing machine, so it took forever to do the hems.  But, they look pretty snazzy for the fact that sewing is not really my thing.
I am almost done test knitting a pattern for some quick to knit slippers as well.  I have the first slipper done.  I will list the pattern on Ravelry and Etsy as soon as its ready.  More patterns are coming soon!  All in all, I have been a busy beaver lately, so I didn't get to blogging much.  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Break From Fiber

Okay, don't freak out, but I am taking a break from fiber temporarily.

Just kidding!  I am getting a Satin Angora bunny!  I have spent the last couple days redoing my old bunny cage for him.  The drawer pan had rusted, the food cup was trashed, and there was no longer a water bottle.  So.... I bought a water bottle and food cup, and then got on to the hard part.  I scraped off old paint, sanded, and used The Must For Rust on the pan.  Once I got it fairly smooth, I spray painted it with a beautiful dark green.  The inside of the pan doesn't look perfect, but it will be covered with a pan liner anyway.  The goal is no more rust.  I decided to use Rustoleum, as it will still bond with metal that has some rust, and it will protect it from rusting again.

Now all I need is the bunny!  Talk about fiber, I can harvest his beautiful fur four times a year and spin him into some beautiful yarn.  I will be picking him up either today or tomorrow.  Pictures coming soon!

For now, enjoy a picture of my spray painting fail.  Now.... off to take a shower.