Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Break From Fiber

Okay, don't freak out, but I am taking a break from fiber temporarily.

Just kidding!  I am getting a Satin Angora bunny!  I have spent the last couple days redoing my old bunny cage for him.  The drawer pan had rusted, the food cup was trashed, and there was no longer a water bottle.  So.... I bought a water bottle and food cup, and then got on to the hard part.  I scraped off old paint, sanded, and used The Must For Rust on the pan.  Once I got it fairly smooth, I spray painted it with a beautiful dark green.  The inside of the pan doesn't look perfect, but it will be covered with a pan liner anyway.  The goal is no more rust.  I decided to use Rustoleum, as it will still bond with metal that has some rust, and it will protect it from rusting again.

Now all I need is the bunny!  Talk about fiber, I can harvest his beautiful fur four times a year and spin him into some beautiful yarn.  I will be picking him up either today or tomorrow.  Pictures coming soon!

For now, enjoy a picture of my spray painting fail.  Now.... off to take a shower.

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