Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back from Vacation/A New Pattern

I just got back from a week long vacation to visit my Grandma in Boise, Idaho.  I went to a yarn shop up there called Puffy Mondaes, and they were awesome!  I came back with some beautiful burgundy and sparkly fingering weight yarn, destined to be a shawl.  I am thinking something lacy and airy.  I also bought some beautiful fiber dyed in green, gold, black and white.  It is 80% New Zealand Merino and 20% Silk.  That shop was actually in Nampa, about a 15 minute drive down the freeway from Grandma's house!  Oh how I wish my local yarn shop was as amazing.
I almost finished a tee style sweater while I was there, and I just finished it yesterday.  And today, I finished some new slippers and published the pattern on Ravelry.  They are my Keep It Simply Squishy(K.I.S.S.) Slippers.  They are the perfect weekend project and last minute gift.  Hopefully my Etsy and Ravelry sales will pick up soon so I can support my habit a little better.
Oh, and I just started a pair of Toast for my Grandma.  Her skin bruises easily, and she hates to go out with her hands showing, so I am making a light blue pair of simple fingerless mitts to hide the bruises.

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