Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recent Yarnventures in Sacramento

So I am now pretty much settled in Sacramento, although I find myself in my car typing this post because we don't have internet at home quite yet.  And I find myself low on battery as well, because my car adapter refuses to work.

So far my yarnventures have been to unpack all my yarn and decide where to put it all.  That was no easy task mind you.  My Grandma recently sent me all her yarn and that was a lot of yarn.  I 5 shelf bookcase, a 3 shelf bookcase, and a desk devoted to my yarn, books, and tools such as loom, knitting needles, knitting machine, and embroidery machine.

Now I find myself meeting yarny people in Elk Grove, a half hour drive away, but totally worth it.  There are yarn shops closer, yes, but this one takes the cake, or gives it as the case may be.  I went to their Knit N Nosh event and boy was it great!  I had so much fun, helped new knitters when they got stuck on projects, and worked on my newest soon to be pattern for sale.  Knitique is well worth the drive, and has a great selection.  I know I will be going back there soon to buy a beautiful set of interchangeable needles very soon.

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