Monday, April 2, 2012

Two New Patterns

Greetings loyal readers.  I have two new patterns out for you to enjoy.  The first is a scarf that will make you feel rich, beautiful and stylish.  It takes less than 300 yards of a worsted weight angora yarn of your choice, and one skein of a ribbon yarn such as Tundra Glitz or ChaCha.  There is another beautiful one out called TuTu, but it has less yardage, so you would probably want three skeins.  I love this scarf.  I made mine with red Tundra Glitz.  Go here to download this pattern for only $4.00.
I also recently posted a pattern for a fun pair of slippers.  These slippers are reminiscent of tennis shoes, and even have laces!  Make them in your favorite color, or even better, make them in the colors of your favorite sports team!  I plan on making some for people as gifts.  Who doesn't love a good pair of slippers?  These are very quick to make and everyone will want a pair.  Click here to download the pattern for only $4.00.
Thanks for reading today.  I have so many more projects in the works and in my head.  Now if only I could never sleep and have endless funds to create all these lovely things.  Please let me know what you think of all the existing projects!  I greatly appreciate feedback.  Enjoy!

You can view all of my patterns here!  If you don't already have an account, Ravelry is free to join.  I recommend you sign up!

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