Friday, July 8, 2011

A Bad Spinning Day

So, day four of spinning this week went terribly.  I couldn't draft.  The single kept braking.  The roving kept tying into knots.  I wasted a bunch of wool.  And the singles I did get are  very thick and thin.  Ugh.....  I should have stopped as soon as I started to get frustrated, but that is just not my style.  I am determined to overcome and get it right.  It got better towards the end, but after half an hour I said oh forget it, took pictures, and cleaned up the fuzz off my couch and clothes.  A lint roller is my best friend.  I am finally including pictures.

First Picture:  Wool and spindle ready to be put away.

Second Picture:  Close up of the very thick and thin, and very fuzzy wuzzy single.

Third Picture:  All the wasted fluff.

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